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The Sports-Fitness Indexing Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Society for Indexing (ASI) has been formed to serve as a network for indexers who work in the areas of sports, fitness, and related materials. The SIG serves several functions, including education and networking. Through meetings, publications, and internet resources, the SIG offers its members a forum for education, an opportunity to discuss and solve problems that occur in indexing these materials, as well as a chance to learn about potential indexing opportunities by communicating with each other through an e-mail discussion list.

The SIG also exists to promote a positive dialog between publishers and indexers who seek to provide our audience, the readers, with quality, user-friendly indexes. This dialog will be accomplished by the creation of marketing materials by the members of the SIG. A directory of available indexers will be maintained online and available to potential clients.

To be a member of this group, one must be a member of ASI or an ASI-affiliated indexing organization. One must also pay the SIG dues in effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need an Indexer?

A professional indexer can greatly augment the value of a book by providing the reader with an excellent roadmap to the knowledge within the book. A professional indexer is trained in matters of style preferences and has a well-honed eye for important ideas and information. A professional indexer is trained to consider the needs of the reader in the matter of keyword selection. A professional indexer can help make the difference between a well-loved and often-used reference book and a forgotten work sitting in a dusty pile at a rummage sale.

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What Will the Indexer Ask Me?

A great index is a work of art composed of many different aspects. In order to create such an index, the professional indexer will ask you questions about the style of the index desired, the type and size of the work being indexed, the intended audience, and the due dates for both the page proofs and the finished index. Both parties need to understand the details regarding index specifics, for example, format, alphabetization, and the structure of page ranges. Cross-references need to be considered and a format decided upon, as well as what material is not to be indexed. Lastly, details regarding length and depth limitations need to be understood by both parties. If your company has a preferred style the indexer needs to know and should be provided with either a sample or a style guide.

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What Will It Cost?

Fees vary for each project depending upon various factors, for example, subject matter, intended audience, and schedule. Books vary greatly in depth and complexity and the fee must reflect this. For example, a computer programming manual written for scientists and engineers will cost more than a book of the same length written on local history or pet care. The level of expertise of the indexer will also be a factor; established professionals with good reputations cost more than new indexers who are just starting out. Indexers also charge in different ways, for example, by the entry, by the line, or by page of text. Some indexers choose to charge a fixed rate. Please be sure to discuss this topic with the indexer you choose.

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How Much Time Will It Take?

This can vary greatly depending upon many of the same factors mentioned in the cost section. It would be best to discuss this with the indexer personally.

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What Kinds of Publications Do SIG Members Index?

Members of this SIG have a wide range of expertise including but not limited to, all of the subjects listed on the Home page of this site. From Aerobics to Yoga, you can find someone here in our Find-an-Indexer Directory to help turn your project into an even bigger success.

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For more information please contact our SIG manager, Connie Binder.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact our webmaster.

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